Suggested Testing Protocol:
Warm-up for approximately 10 minutes. By the end of the warm-up, you should be exercising at the exercise test intensity. Quickly towel dry and measure body weight in the nude. Perform the exercise test (30 min to 1 hour is sufficient). Immediately dry yourself and take a post-exercise nude body weight. If you consume water during the exercise, the exact volume of fluid should be recorded. Any urine volume produced during the test should also be measured and recorded for an accurate estimation of your sweating rate. Prior to undertaking any exercise training or performance testing, physician approval is recommended.
Pre-exercise Nude Body Weight:
(after 10min warmup)
Post-exercise Nude Body Weight: kg    
Fluid Intake During Exercise: ml    
Urine Volume During Exercise: ml    
Exercise Time (Minutes): Minutes    
Sweat Rate: L/hr